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Wow, what a whirlwind four months it’s been. The general election, negotiations, and a minority Government being formed.

Thank you for your support at the ballot box. We had a rock solid result in the Otaki electorate with a 6,156 majority, which I’m delighted about.

More voters in Kapiti & Horowhenua wanted a National Government with a 46% party vote turn out, compared with 44.4% nationwide.

Unfortunately the coalition talks didn’t go our way in the end with Winston Peters choosing to prop up Labour and the Greens in Government. This was disappointing but it will be interesting to see how this three-legged stool will try and remain stable over the next three years.

It will be our job as the largest political party in opposition (ever in the history of NZ Parliament) to scrutinize this Governments actions. Judging by the opening day of Parliament, which was a complete shambles, it’s going to be a fascinating time.

For me it’s meant clearing out my ministerial office and heading back to where I started in 2005-2008 in Parliament Buildings.
The heavy workload I had as a minister has reduced considerably, which means I have more time locally, and with family and friends.

Thanks again for your recent support in the election, I’m proud to be the MP for Otaki and will continue to advocate on your behalf.

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