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“Bill English has served as a Member of Parliament for an outstanding 27 years and has made a massive contribution” says MP for Otaki Nathan Guy.

“Bill has served as a Minister of health, housing, education and most recently finance, in which he steadied our country through the Global Financial Crisis. After John Key stepped aside in 2016, Bill took over the job of Prime Minister, and did a fantastic job in the 2017 election campaign with nearly one out of two voters supporting National. It’s a great shame that he didn’t get the opportunity to continue as Prime Minister for another term.

“Bill was instrumental in helping clarify my thinking about running for Central Government when Erica and I visited his office in 2004. His advice about managing my political aspirations, family and farming business were invaluable. I’m appreciative of my farm team who have done a great job operating our farm to enable me to focus on my young family and role as the MP for Otaki.

“Bill’s strength of character and ability was why I was the first MP to publicly back him as our leader when John Key stepped aside.

“Bill has also been a great friend of the Horowhenua-Kapiti region. It is due to his influence as Minister of Finance that the Government funded the Kapiti Expressway and Transmission Gully. Being very keen on keeping fit, he also felt it was logical to extend the shared pathway for cyclists, walkers and runners to Otaki.

“He has always been very focused on improving social services, and his commitment to monitoring and measuring public services has provided great value for Horowhenua-Kapiti residents and all of New Zealand.

“We now begin a two week process to select our next leader. I won’t be standing for leader of the National Party, but will vote for a leader that keeps us united and focused on delivering for all New Zealanders.”

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